Gynecomastia is a term denoting breast enlargement in males.

Gynecomastia is a term denoting breast enlargement in males. It is a very common problem in the male population and is often seen as fat accumulation in an isolated place in males.

Depending on the degree of gynecomastia, as well as the fact whether the enlarged breasts are a consequence of fat accumulation (pseudogynecomastia) or glandular tissue (gynecomastia), during preoperative consultations, the doctor will assess which type of treatment or procedure would be best for you.

With mild gynecomastia great results can be achieved with non-invasive treatments using Encurve. If there is a need for a surgical treatment, the method of choice is laser lipolysis, a laser-assisted liposuction in case of breast enlargement due to fat alone, and if there is also enlargement due to excessive glandular tissue (very often can be felt discoidally under the nipple) that needs to be removed, the incision is performed next to the lower edge of the nipple.

Thanks to the implementation of laser technology in the liposuction procedure, tissue heating induces neocollagenesis and consequently the tightening of the skin with which in most cases outer incisions on the male breast are avoided. Assistant Professor Žgaljardić, MD, PhD presents his outstanding results across the world in numerous conferences and workshops as invited lecturer (2014, Fort Lauderdale, Florida- 20th Annual Scientific Meeting American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Kerala, India 2012- 1st International Cosmetic Surgery Symposium, Milano- Agora- 18th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Kolkhida 10th International Caucasian Congress of Plastic Surgery and Dermato-cosmetology …). He is also the author of a chapter in an international textbook on body sculpting titled Laser assisted liposuction as a method of body sculpting.


Male brest reduction procedure lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on whether only lipolysis/liposuction will be performed or also the removal of glandular tissue disc. In case of liposuction, entry incisions are 3-4 mm long, and in case of glandular tissue removal, incision is next to the lower edge of the nipple so it will be almost invisible after it heals. If it is performed as a single procedure, it is possible to perform it using only local anesthesia but it is mostly done as part of a more extensive liposuction so it has to be performed under general anesthesia.


Depending on the type of anesthesia used during the male brest reduction, you can go home after the procedure or you will stay at the clinic 5-12 hours in case of general anesthesia. Antibiotics and analgesics are usually prescribed after the surgery. Stitches are removed after 7-14 days. After bandages are removed, there is a possibility of minimal swelling or bruising. All of the aforementioned side effects should resolve within 14 days. After the surgery, the patient should wear a girdle for 3 weeks, throughout the duration of neocollagenesis, i.e. while the skin tightens.

To all patients with skin atrophy problems we recommend non-invasive treatments such as Alma or Encurve after the surgery in order to achieve additional skin tightness and enhance the quality of the remaining skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Disclaimer: Results of male brest reduction are individual, and can vary from one patient to another depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical build.

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