Endolight lift Lasemar 1500NM

The procedure results in a rejuvenated look.

Assoc. Prof. Zoran Žgaljardić, MD, PhD, was one of the first physicians in the world to implement laser lipolysis in cosmetic surgery and medicine. Thanks to the specific properties of the laser which acts to develop thermal energy in subcutaneous tissue and heats it to a temperature of 38°C to 41°C, reparative processes in tissue are initiated which result in stimulation of own collagen. The Endolight lift concept derives from this very fact. Unlike the traditional lift, there is no incision in front of or behind the ear – all it takes is a 5 mm incision to insert the laser cannula into the subcutaneous tissue. Laser energy is applied diffusely until a satisfactory temperature is reached, in particular in the neck and double chin regions.

The procedure results in a rejuvenated look thanks to laser-induced skin retraction. The procedure may be performed using local or general anesthesia, depending on how cooperative the client is.

Assoc. Prof. Zoran Žgaljardić, MD, PhD, has been invited to lecture and train at numerous courses and congresses on the subject of laser lifting (2014, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery; Kerala, India 2012 – 1st International Cosmetic Surgery Symposium; Milan/Agora – 18th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine; Kolkhida – 10th International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery and Dermato-cosmetology…) – in 2017 alone he was invited to speak on the subject of “Laser Lipolysis as a Face Lift Method” at the European Aesthetic and Laser Medicine Congress in Moscow and acted as trainer for this method at a workshop in Dubai organized by the Laser Health Academy.

We are proud that Dr. Serdev, an internationally renowned expert in cosmetic surgery, entrusted our doctors, Assoc. Prof. Zoran Žgaljardić, MD, PhD and Dr. Ivonne Žgaljardić, with writing a chapter on the implementation of laser lipolysis as a technique in his latest body sculpting textbook.

If you have any further questions regarding this method, please contact us and find out whether or not you are eligible for this procedure!

*Disclaimer: These results are individual and can vary from case to case and depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical predispositions.

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