Liposuction (laser assisted liposuction)

Body reshaping with laser lipolysis and laser-assisted liposuction

The major advantage of laser liposuction compared to standard hidromicroliposuction is the use of laser energy which melts the fat cells. The fat cells are trapped within their firm tunica and are removed after the process in an emulsion through a microcannula. This procedure is less traumatic for the tissue and the small vessels are simultaneously coagulated which allows for only minimal blood loss.

The temperatures that develop during this procedure lie between 38° and 41° C. The heat induces the stimulation of collagen which enables the tightening of flaccid skin. Thus the skin surface becomes more smoothly and the possibility for developing skin irregularities is kept minimal.

If there is only a smaller amount of fat tissue, lipolysis is performed. The laser energy with its photothermic effect allows the doctors to melt the fat cells directly beneath the skin and it can therefore be applied in facial areas. This procedure can be done with local tumescent anesthesia or with general anesthesia.

Postop: After laser liposuction it is important to wear a corset which helps to achieve additional skin tightening. The incision marks are kept minimal and we try to place them in hidden areas whenever this is possible.

Additional skin tightening, shaping and maintenance are done postoperatively with the RF Velasmooth laser (syneron) and the Accent laser (Alma). These procedures depend on the clinical status before the treatment, the amount of lipodysthrophy and the flaccidity status of the skin.

Disclaimer: Results of laser liposuction are individual and can vary from case to case and depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical predispositions. 

Before and after laser liposuction

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