Lipofilling (fat transfer) has become a well-established technique

Lipofilling (fat transfer) has become a well-established technique using one’s own fat as filler to add volume to soft tissues. Fat is taken by using thin cannulas, through small access points using traditional liposuction. After being filtered, the isolated fat cells are injected in deficient areas. In addition to adding volume, lipofilling improves the look of the scar, as well as skin quality and elasticity.

Lipofilling is used as a method of increasing volume of soft tissues, rejuvenation and reconstruction, primarily for the face, but it may also be used on other parts of the body.

Before the operation, an appropriate donor site is selected to take the fat – it is normally fat from the abdomen. Therefore, thin persons without enough subcutaneous adipose tissue are not eligible for this type of procedure. The procedure may be performed with local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is sufficient in case only small amounts of fat are needed. After aspiration, fat is processed and injected in the intended site.

Depending on the result desired, this procedure is performed once or several times. The greatest disadvantage of this procedure is the inability to predict how much fat will actually adhere to the injection site. Different studies reveal that 30-75% of the fat applied will decompose, which each client should be aware of to be able to make a decision regarding the procedure based on realistic expectations of the possible result and the number of treatments required.

*Disclaimer: These results are individual and can vary from case to case and depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical predispositions.

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