Arm lift – Brachioplasty

Sagging skin on the upper arm presents a significant aesthetic problem

Sagging skin on the upper arm can appear with time, as a consequence of skin elasticity loss but it is more common in people with significant weight loss. Procedure that solves that problem is called brachioplasty or „upper arm lift“.

In case of mild skin sagging, the solution can also be laser lipolysis of the upper arm, which by stimulating the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, also stimulates neocollagenesis. That type of procedure is reserved for younger people with mild sagging problem. Others are candidates for brachioplasty. The procedure includes removal of excessive skin on the upper arms. The procedure includes incision on the upper arm, and the length of the incision depends on the status of the skin. The aim is for the scar to be hidden at the inner side of the arm to get a nicely shaped upper arm with a minimally visible scar.

Brachioplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia. It lasts 60-90 minutes. Postsurgical recovery lasts 3 weeks but you can continue with your everyday activities without major limitations after 1-2 days provided that you follow the given postsurgical instructions.

Disclaimer: Results of arm lift are individual, and can vary from one patient to another depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical build.    

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