Breast lift and augmentation (augmentopexy)

A surgical method that gives the breasts a new look, firmness and position

The procedure is performed on clients whose breasts are hanging – most often after pregnancy and breastfeeding or greater weight loss, and at the same time they are not satisfied with the size of the breasts or they would like bigger ones.
It is natural for breasts to sag over the years and lose their normal fullness and shape, but if they have also lost their volume, implant placement is recommended. In combination with lifting you can get even better results that can last a lifetime.

Although breast augmentation surgery is often associated with older women, younger women are increasingly opting for this procedure.


The procedure itself lasts from 1.5 to 3.5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The insertion of a prosthesis into the breast is combined with the reduction of excess skin on the breast.

The scar or the incision site, depends on the technique used, which is chosen based on the amount of excess skin. It includes the scar around the nipple, and often vertically along the breast and in the inframammary line.


Return to daily activities is usually after 2 to 3 weeks, and with greater effort it is necessary to wait until the recovery process of approximately 6 weeks is completed. The postoperative bra is worn for 3 weeks.

It is extremely important to treat the scar according to the surgeon’s instructions, as this significantly reduces the visibility of the scar.

Before and after the correction

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Aesthetic surgery

Today, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery can be considered an indispensable cultural development of our society.

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