Encurve – No1. RF body sculpting using noninvasive lipolysis

This is the latest hit in body sculpting.

Encurve is presently the most advanced neurosurgical body sculpting machine available on the market, using state-of-the-art technology, far more advanced than any other technology used to date. We are proud that our clinic was the first one in Europe to obtain such equipment. 

Its advantage is in controlled delivery of energy in subcutaneous fat cells by using a specific frequency of the energy emitted (27.12MHz), which results in energy absorption and consequential fat cell oscillation, and this ultimately leads to their death – their membranes break and cellular parts are released and removed from the body by urination, through physiological secretion processes. The advantage of this frequency is in the fact that absorption specifically targets fat cells, which protects the skin and the surrounding tissues, for example muscle tissue, by attacking only fat cells. 

Unlike any other treatment available on the market, Encurve also provides an even source of energy which evenly and equally acts on each cm2 of the treated area, whereas other treatments use stationary point energy sources (which is why most of the energy reaches the center of the treated area and its level reduces as it moves away from the center of action) or the energy source moves unevenly over the treated area, which also results in uneven distribution of energy and the result is an uneven look.

In addition, tissue heating results in new collagen, which tightens the skin and makes this treatment an irreplaceable ally in body sculpting!

Whom is this treatment designed for?

This treatment is designed for everyone struggling with unwanted fat deposits. It is also recommended to persons pursuing a weight-losing program. Not only to help them lose excess weight, but also to tighten the skin to avoid any excess loose skin after losing weight.

See for yourself why Encurve is a hit in body sculpting!

*Disclaimer: These results are individual and can vary from case to case and depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical predispositions.


See treatment results here.

Download the treatment preparation presentation here.

Download the treatment presentationhere.

Professional articles about the treatment

The combination of noncontact apoptosis-inducing radiofrequency and extracorporeal shock wave therapy achieved significant waist circumferential reduction: A pilot study

Impact of Contactless Apoptosis-inducing RF on Temperature of Human Skin Surface and Subcutaneous layer as well as porcine Histology: A pilot Study

Lutronic unveils enCurve™, its non-contact and selective radiofrequency technology for the treatment of adipocytes

Lutronic’s encurve


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*Disclaimer: These results are individual and can vary from case to case and depending on the patient’s condition and their anatomical predispositions. 

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