On Saturday, July 7, 2019, the Quality Choice Award 2019 was held in Berlin.

The European Association for Quality Research (ESQR) from Lausanne Switzerland has provided a comprehensive insight into the initiatives and strategies that business leaders carry out in their business and organizations.

The convention was attended by distinguished business leaders from different countries, academics, quality specialists, civil servants and diplomats, so we can say that this convention has brought together the best experts, organizations, public administrations and quality-oriented companies.

The European Association for Quality Research has recognized the Aesthetic Surgery Center Dr. Žgaljardić as the leading institution in providing the highest level of quality, ethics, innovation and exceptional service delivery in its field of work
That’s why ass.prof. Žgaljardic received the Quality Choice Award 2019 in the Platinum category for excellence in accordance with the high European standards achieved in the scientific and professional field.


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Today, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery can be considered an indispensable cultural development of our society.

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