We are very proud to introduce you the latest international book / textbook in the field of aesthetic surgery, more precisely body contouring with our doctors as one of the authors. Given the rapid growth of new technologies that are applied daily in practice with the aim of achieving the best results, Dr. Serdev (an internationally renowned aesthetic specialist and innovator of many techniques and methods applied by aesthetic surgeons in everyday practice) has decided to publish a book titled “Body contouring and sculpting”.

Since Zoran Žgaljardić participates in implementation of laser technology in liposuction and body shaping from the very beginning (he is instructor and invited lecturer on laser-assisted liposuction and lipolysis), so his results are internationally known and Dr. Serdev has entrusted him and Dr. Ivonne Žgaljardić with the writing of the chapter of the book precisely on the topic of laser assisted liposuction in body shaping.

In the picture gallery of liposuction you can convince yourself of the fantastic results achieved by this technique.

We are honored to be at the very top of world aesthetic surgery and we are looking forward to our doctor’s further achievements.

Aesthetic surgery

Today, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery can be considered an indispensable cultural development of our society.

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