Ass.prof. Zoran Žgaljardić can add another award to the existing recognitions and prizes. 

This is the 2019 Trophy Award awarded by International Business Magazine
Award ceremony was held in Tarrytown, New Yor. Thanks to the highest standards of his work and results, ass.prof. Žgaljardić won the highest award in the Diamond category.

Ass.prof. Zoran Žgaljardić has received this award thanks to his business reputation, recognition, certificates and prizes previously won, his successful participation in congresses, conferences and technology developed and used in his practice.

Specifically, great emphasis is placed on the use of state-of-the-art technology and non-invasive therapies combined with standard surgical techniques, thus improving overall the results of the intervention and thus diminishing the recovery, which nowdays, is essential to the clients.

This acknowledgment is another confirmation that the Aesthetic Surgery Center Dr. Žgaljardić stands for experience, credibility and knowledge!

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Today, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery can be considered an indispensable cultural development of our society.

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